NewWicker is a manufacturer for the home and deco industry. Two specialized companies merged, one company is specialized in supply chain management and the other in manufacturing rattan furniture and accessories. Now we have created more focus on each division in our own fields.

NewWicker is of interest to companies in the home-living and decoration industry for who are searching for a reliable supplier who understands their local as well as their international demands, searching for tailor made rattan wicker designs and in need of professional support. For these reasons, most of our customers are therefore;

Middle- to high -end interior branded companies, wholesalers, large retail stores, retail chain stores that cares about just in time deliveries, superior quality and real exclusivity on their designs.

Quality Control

NewWicker performs quality checks on various moments throughout the production process.

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We take care of transport, including requested documents, customs affairs and insurance, and deliver the products to you at your doorstep.

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NewWicker provide also the possibility for packaging design and production.

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Product design

NewWicker cooperate with selected international designers who can manage the whole design process for you.